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Effortlessly manage your work and people in one place

Scheduling reimagined

An approach that fits your business


However challenging your work patterns are, we make it easy. Multiple start and end times in the same shift and task labelling make it simple to build complex schedules in minutes.


Edit shifts, schedules, rotas or events right up to the moment they end. Your people get notified of changes and you’re informed when those last- minute changes have been addressed.


Manage by client, week, team, activity or location. Attach instructions and documents, and send people anywhere they’re needed, be it a specific room, a building site or an overseas client. Share your plans by hour, week or year.

Forecast costs

A simple way to make time tracking and costs transparent and manageable


Track hours contracted, worked, submitted or approved. Data is generated according to your preferences and all you do is approve, reject or run your reports.


Timesheet formats that are familiar and a wealth of information only a click away. Your team submit from their phones and you can a one-click approve, reject, or forward to the next approver


Track people spend by client, by month, by team or client, it’s simple. The system info is always available to help you better understand your business and you don’t have to go to your admin or finance person to get it.

Manage holiday

Holidays, absence and work in harmony to make life simpler for everyone

Holidays integrated with schedules

Smart calendar views let you see holiday, absence and work in one place so you can be better informed about who’s off and whether you have the right cover at the right time.

Simple for everyone

Whether you’re a manager booking leave for your team or an individual requesting time off, the process couldn’t be easier. Notifications are instant so people can promptly know where they stand.

Absence management that works

Choose to integrate lateness or sickness into your planner. Show jury service, maternity leave or just plain and simple holidays.


Find out what’s going on before there’s a problem

Talk to people you can’t normally reach

If you don’t give your staff phones or emails, how do you stay in touch? Your staff probably have both in their pocket already. Send messages and start conversations with people you can’t usually talk to.

Identify potential problems before it’s too late

How do you know how your staff feel or what’s happening out there? Do you know if people are happy or do you find out they weren’t when they quit? Prevent problems before they arise.

Improve your customer service

If your staff uncover an issue, what do they do? Notify people quicker, storing notes and messages against a specific piece of work. No more scrabbling to find out what happened when a customer calls.

Stay connected

Get the information you need in the easiest way possible

Link with anyone

Minimal admin setting people up. Send invites to your team, third party suppliers or the people that you might to work with at a future date. They manage their account and you manage yours. Like a social network, it just works.

Find out who's available

Have you ever had to use an agency or simply do without because you couldn’t get in touch with people? WorkGaps helps you stay in touch with your connections to offer them work, send messages or find out if they’re free.

Manage information revelant to you

Managers are busy. Leaders want information to make decisions. WorkGaps lets everyone see the information they need whenever they need it. All you need are the right permissions…

Plus all these great features



Multiple saveable report types with real-time data


Gdpr compliant

Ready to help you with data protection regulations


Sophisticated permissions

Create job roles matched to your organisation


Organisational structures

No matter how complex, innovative tagging to make it simpler


Any device

Web, IOS and Android mean accessibility for everyone


Your language, your tool

Your acronyms, names, roles and business



Full Google map integration to geo-tag work or attendance


Multi-language support

Have a non-English speaking workforce, talk to us for your language


customer support levels

Remote helpdesk, onsite training, dedicated support. You choose.

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