Our Story

We work in a world where flexible working has become more prevalent and more important. We also live in a world where we have become used to creating a profile and sharing information across a network. These two facts are why we created WorkGaps, and why WorkGaps is different.

WorkGaps is designed to make search, scheduling, communication, shift planning, time and attendance, absence management and reporting flow seamlessly following the natural workflow of both managers and their teams.

We built WorkGaps around the premise of social networks. A user creates their own profile. They own their own data. They update their own availability. And then, with a single invite, a user can be connected to a business and managed as part of that team. The individual is not limited or tied to that business’ systems and can be linked to multiple organisations at any point.

We are a network for work. A network with real, useful, functionality. A network which doesn’t simply exist for its own sake, but one that makes people’s lives easie

Social responsibility

We want the business to be about more than just revenue generation and has embedded in the company DNA, the obligation to “Be Good”. It defines “Being Good” simply with a simple promise:

For every paying customer, for every person under their management on the WorkGaps platform, the Company will offer equivalent full access to the platform for any UK registered charity of that customer’s choice.

Our leadership team

Our team brings together expertise across product, design, engineering, sales, and marketing from companies including Dell, Memrise, Betfair and HP.

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