7 great reasons to choose a temporary job

Like Marmite; you may love or hate the idea, but temporary jobs are growing in popularity. Here are 7 great reasons to find temporary work.

Have you ever considered looking for a temporary job?

Like Marmite; you may love or hate the idea, but they are growing in popularity, and it's time to kick old misconceptions aside.

Temporary jobs shouldn't be a last resort if you can’t find a permanent job, they can boost rather than damage your career. Here are 7 great reasons to choose temporary work.

1 It’s a foot in the door

With an impressive work ethic and a charming personality, you can make yourself indispensable.
Even if your job is not in your desired field of work, there is always the possibility of moving up in the company and reaching the position of your dreams.

2 It's a good way to build new skills

You can learn from any kind of job. View your temporary job, especially if it is not related to your professional life, as a way to extend your knowledge or maybe to experiment in a new area. A temporary assignment might even open the door to a new industry you have never thought about before.

3 Benefit from workplace flexibility

The workplace has gone digital and many temporary jobs now allow workplace flexibility. Employees based in an office can decide to work from home or to ask for flexible hours. This provides opportunities to spend more time with the family, travel, or move to a new city.

4 Expand your network

Even knowing that the time in your role will end, the time you spend working provides a great way to make new connections and friends. Nurture these relationships as they will provide solid references and possible future opportunities.

5 Fill a gap

A job you don’t like is still a job. Having large time gaps in your CV can hurt the first impression that you give  in an interview. Temporary jobs are the best way to fill these gaps while looking for the right position.

6 Earn some extra cash

If you are struggling to make ends meet, taking a temporary job is a good idea. It gives you time to improve your situation and money to help you with your expenses while not committing yourself long term.

7 Improve your well being

Looking for a job after a long period of unemployment can inspire feelings of negativity.  A temporary job can break a cycle of helplessness you may be feeling.


With all the opportunities that can come about as a result of a temporary job, will you now take a chance?

Keep yourself employed, gain new skills and generate strong references by taking temporary jobs. Your effort will be repaid!
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