It Didn't Come Home, But the World Cup Was What We Needed

Football and summer was a match made in heaven. Three Lions, you did us proud.

It’s been three weeks since that aching semi-final against Croatia and I’ll bet that Baddiel, Skinner & the Lightning Seeds’ masterpiece is still running through your head. It felt great to be English!

Our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds were brilliantly hijacked by world cup memes, gifs and unusually; a sense of optimism. The World Cup of 2018 will forever be remembered for a hope felt across the country.  It was exactly what we needed this summer.

For better or for worse, football has a special place in many of our hearts. While the Olympics shows off the best of your country, I didn’t have the same feeling of excitement during Rio 2016 when Nick Skelton brought home Equestrian gold as when we won that tense penalty shootout against Colombia. Whilst Olympic gold is an impressive feat, medals don’t usually result in nationwide celebration (nor tattoos). Perhaps only football can make people jump through bus shelters with excitement (YouTube it).

However, despite football club revenues being bigger than ever, over recent years a lack of success has meant international football hasn’t excited as many people. We expected nothing but disappointment on the big stage.  

Since from the long-ago heroics of the 1990 World Cup, we had that shameful 2014 campaign (less said, the better) and the agony of 2010’s knockout match against Germany (Lampard’s robbed goal) and of course… Iceland.  Now Gareth Southgate’s men have given a whole generation something to remember feed off for a year or two at least. 

After Brexit overload, a uniting topic was a welcome change. A chat about England’s chances against Colombia or Sweden was far less exhausting than hearing about Europe.

Football fever is hot right now and whether it’s under 10’s or Sunday League footy down, there’s few better places to be than running around a football pitch. With the sun shining and a new season quickly approaching, WorkGaps can help keep the football buzz going by making it easy to arrange your matches. 

The England team restored national pride and played a big part in lifting our spirits.  Even though we didn’t make the final, it felt like we won after the failure we expected.  

Regardless of the 4th place finish, it was a time where pints were raised, strangers of all backgrounds could get along and a feeling of one country was possible.

Long live football and bring on the new season!

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