Summer Staff: Strengthening Your Part-Time Team

Many hands make light work and when summer rolls around, you want all the help you can get to be in the best position to accommodate the summer crowds.


The sun’s out and the nation is following suit. Across the country families are flocking to parks and cafes with their little ones. Girlfriends meet up for shopping trips while seasoned veterans of the heat slouch in pub gardens with tall pints of beer. Whether your business is retail or hospitality, the summer signals a spike in your trade, when peak footfall means increased profits – but only if you’re ready to meet consumer demand.

What can you do to prepare for the rush of burnt Brits & holidaying tourists? Smart businesses are hiring flexibly with part-time and temporary workers.


Part-time work is typically transitory. Workers in part-time service jobs are often in between work, or have other commitments in their lives that take up more of their time. And so your interview process doesn’t need to be complex or time consuming. Key traits across all industries are enthusiasm, energy, a can-do attitude, and a desire to look after the customer.

Finding someone who genuinely wants the job is half the work. You can train them properly once they’re through the door. A day on the shop floor or an evening behind the bar usually takes care of that!


University students are an invaluable pool when it comes to sourcing part-time workers, and they’re all home over the summer. The chances are you’ll be fighting them off over your vacancies, meaning you can tailor the part-time jobs to suit you and your business, safe in the knowledge there’ll be someone interested.

Most students are just out to make some extra cash over the summer. This isn’t a bad thing. Money is a great motivator, and a stronger team means better service and more profits.


Your business will probably weather the summer just fine, but a successful company knows when and how to optimise its service for maximum revenue. Why offer a standard level of service when you can better your business’ performance? Why settle for good when you can strive for best?

Strengthening your summer workforce offers plenty of benefits:

  • Open more tills
  • Reduce waiting times
  • Maintain stock levels more efficiently
  • Help your customers to feel valued
  • Build your business
  • Try new strategies without a long-term commitment

The net result is a better-performing business and an increase in takings – all because you had the foresight to hire intelligently.


Match to the local part-time workers you need instantly with WorkGaps, our innovative platform redefines the part-time and temporary job scene. It’s free to advertise and you can manage up to 8 workers absolutely free.

Post your jobs and receive immediate notifications when you match with a nearby worker. Check out their profile from the ease of your phone or tablet and invite them in for an interview. Manage your part-time workforce effortlessly, including messaging, rotas, work calendars and payroll, from the comfort of your pocket. It’s never been easier to look after your part-time team.

When it comes to strengthening your business for a season, part-time workers offer you the flexibility you need to prepare for peaks in trade and respond to surges in footfall. When the weather’s hot the whole world and their dog come out to eat and drink and bask like British lizards in the sun.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to boost your takings. Hire part-time or temporary staff to strengthen your workforce and your summer business.

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