The Best Part-Time Jobs For Summer

An extra bit of pocket money and job experience goes a long way and with the demand for staff skyrocketing in the summer, there isn't a better time to find yourself a bit of extra work.


We’re proud to be putting people into great part-time work over the summer months. Whether you’re a student or not, the summer is a great time to get some extra hours under your belt. As more people venture outdoors, businesses in various industries are looking for more staff to meet demand.

The tourism industry offers a wealth of opportunity for brilliant part-time work, whether you live in a rural, urban, or seaside area. The retail industry is also booming, with residents hitting the high street for their summer gear. Beer gardens are packed and hotels are booked up; everyone’s out and about enjoying the brief moments of British sunshine.

So, what kind of jobs should you be looking for over the summer?


Summer holidays bring shopping, especially in the fashion and clothes retail industry. Many of the high street chains embark on a recruitment drive in spring and early summer, and are always looking for cover as existing staff take holidays.

A recent study by Retail Assist suggested that 75% of people still prefer to do their summer shopping on the high street, rather than online. The retailers need you!


Summer brings all sorts of different events; weddings, conferences, parties, festivals, and plenty of community get togethers such as fetes and agricultural shows. These events all need to be catered for, which means there’s a huge opportunity to get involved. Working at events such as music festivals can give you a ticket to the hottest show – even if you have to compensate by doing a few shifts in between your time off!

There are all sorts of things you can do for work at these events; catering, bar work, stewarding and security, stage management, and much more.


The hotel industry is extremely seasonal, and summer is one of periods in which they require extra staff to manage the increased demand. Whether you’re based in a seaside town or a large city, tourism has a massive boost during the summer months – both from UK residents and people visiting from other countries. If you’re living in a rural area, guest houses and B&Bs are usually in need of some help as visitors descend.

For many pubs and restaurants, their capacity for visitors increases as the days get longer and the weather gets better. All of a sudden, beer gardens are an appealing option for drinkers. This usually means that more staff are required in the kitchen, as well as front of house. Look out for pubs and restaurants in your local area hiring part-time or temporary workers during the summer.


This could incorporate volunteering and travelling abroad for a charity, but could just as easily be closer to home. We discussed earlier about the benefits of working at festivals. Many charities, such as Oxfam at Glastonbury, offer the opportunity to volunteer as a steward in return for a free pass.

And, if you have first aid or medical experience, you could be part of an essential support team. St. John’s Ambulance is one charity that welcomes those with a passion for helping people; they work at events across the UK supporting organisers and the ambulance service.


WorkGaps helps you to find temporary, part-time, and shift work all year round. And once you have found the work, it helps both you and the hirer manage it more simply than ever before.

We work with major brands and smaller businesses to match you with the perfect job. Our software then allows you to agree your work times and message with your manager- all through your PC, phone, or tablet.

WorkGaps is the better way to work.

To find out how WorkGaps can help you this summer, register today!

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