The Founders’ Blog: For Everyone?

Easy to use as a manager, easy to use as a job seeker. WorkGaps is made for everyone.


At the opening ceremony of the London Olympics in 2012, the acknowledged inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, tweeted a message which lit up the stadium. That message?

“This is for everyone”

It should be. And, in many ways, it is. Access to information has never been so simple, and so ubiquitous. Random debates over arcane trivia that once would wile away many an hour (usually in a pub) are now instantly solved (did Bob Holness, host of Blockbusters, ever play James Bond? Was the Shark in Jaws called ‘Bruce’? What is the only fruit to have its seeds on the outside? Which is the only tube station that uses none of the letters in the word ‘mackerel’?”).

Today, the web has over 3 billion worldwide users. Let’s give this context. In terms of global adoption, radio reached 50 million users after 38 years, television took 13 years to reach the same number, the web took 4 years and Facebook took just 10 months.

In 2014, 38 million adults in the UK accessed the internet everyday. That’s an increase of 21 million since 2006, and is over three quarters of UK adults. Almost as many bought an item online.

Last year 58% of all UK adults accessed the internet on a mobile phone, 2.5 times more than 4 years ago. And 96% of all 16-24 year olds accessed the internet “on the go” from a mobile device.

Why is there a group that are unserved in their working lives by this technology explosion? LinkedIn is a professional network – and it’s perfectly fine at finding the next job if the next job is in IT sales. Or marketing. But what if people are simply trying to make ends meet? Or to top up a student budget? How about people who don’t want to manage a LinkedIn profile, see any need for career networking, or more simply, think that Linkedin does nothing for them? Or even see it as just a big marketing database.

WorkGaps is created for a simple purpose.

For the jobseeker: To make finding a job, keeping a job, and managing your time easier.

For the hirer: To make finding a candidate, managing your work, and communicating easier.

Our primary purpose is not to create a ‘network’. It’s to bring real and tangible value, by being great at what we set out to do. We don’t use personal data to remarket. We don’t actively seek out pointless connections. We’re not passive – we will actively match profiles to available jobs and present the information to make it as easy possible. Easy to apply. Easy to manage. Easy to communicate.

Easy to work with. Easy to use. WorkGaps really is for everyone.

*And to answer the pub questions: Yes, on the radio. Yes, one of three sharks used was called Bruce, reputedly after Spielberg’s lawyer. The Strawberry (though Google creates some debate on this one – is a Strawberry even a fruit?!). The tube station? St John’s Wood.

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