Will a robot replace you in your job?

850,000 UK public sector jobs could be automated by 2030, but , the rise of the robot workers could actually be a good thing...

Research conducted by Oxford University and Deloitte says “850,000 UK public sector jobs could be automated by 2030”. Could this mean a robot will take over your regular 9 to 5 in  just over a decade?  

Admin jobs are most at risk of being replaced , with even “teachers, social workers and police officers facing a 23% chance of automation”, at least in part, to save money and reduce the number of workers on the payroll.

Deloitte predicted that “74% of jobs in transportation and storage, 59% in wholesale and retail trades and 56% in manufacturing” also have a high chance of becoming automated.

Whether or not a role could be completed by a robot depends on nine different skills and elements, according to Oxford University academics, Michael Osborne and Carl Frey:

  • “Social perceptiveness”
  • Negotiation
  • Persuasion
  • Assisting and caring for others
  • Originality
  • Fine arts
  • Finger dexterity
  • Manual dexterity
  • The need to work in a cramped work space”

If you’re sitting there worrying that a Siri-like artificial intelligence being could be doing your job in the not-so-distant future, the rise of the robot workers could actually be a good thing…

Deloitte argues that over the last 140 years, “automation has created more work than it destroyed” and has brought about a fall in “hard, dangerous and dull jobs”, which can only be a good thing in our opinion!

Head of public sector at Deloitte, Mike Turley, says that “wider research on automation also shows that while jobs are displaced by automation, new, higher-skilled and better paying jobs are created as a result.” So robots could be doing the boring, repetitive tasks that you dislike the most in your job, which could create space for a job you love even more, with more challenging and engaging work that only a human can perform. And the robots certainly won’t be getting your pay rise!

Want to know if a robot could be sitting in your perfectly-moulded desk chair by 2030? Just type your job title into the BBC’s search box to find out your risk of being replaced by AI!

Thanks to the Guardian and the BBC for the research.

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