WorkGaps version 1.2.10 - Released 7th November

WorkGaps version 1.2.10 has been released on 7th November containing some great new features.

This software version has some exciting updates including the ability to attach your documents, comments and general records in more locations, more easily, and in a way that you can retrieve, share or report simply. This should make your admin, record keeping and communication even less hassle.

And if you really don’t like the information your team are sharing, well you can take it right back down…  

We’ve also made some big changes to the way you edit rotas, schedules, shifts, activities… in fact whatever work means to you. You can see more information, change instructions, people, locations, working hours for a single day or the whole year with just a few clicks. You have the power!

Why don’t you log in and check out our new features? Watch this space, there’s a lot more coming your way this side of Xmas 😊