WorkGaps version 1.2.12 Released 14th December

WorkGaps version 1.2.12 was released on 14th December containing some great new features.

WorkGaps version 1.2.12 was released on 14th December and contains some of the exciting new features we hinted about in the last release notes.

WorkGaps’ users now have the ability to live chat!   Simply click messaging, choose who you’d like to speak with and get going.  It’s a first phase of messaging, which includes 121 chats, emojis and real-time conversation.  Group chat, images, offline notifications, and other useful updates will be following soon.

We’ve also completely re-designed profiles.  The production team have been really busy.

It’s now much easier and more intuitive to update your experience, skills, qualifications and the information that matters to you.  Use WorkGaps as a CV, share it with the people you work with, or even share it on Twitter or Facebook if you want to show off.

Due to our work with charities, we’re also focused on making it easier for volunteers to co-ordinate their availability and communication with their chosen causes. As a first step, we’ve included volunteering in the Profile section and charities can benefit by using WorkGaps as a tool to manage events or ongoing activities. 

Keep an eye out for how this develops and if you think a charity you work with could benefit from WorkGaps, please let us know.  We’d be delighted to help.

Log in and check out the changes for yourself. We’re proud how we’re helping make people’s working lives simpler.

See you in the New Year and in the meantime, have a Happy Christmas from all the team at WorkGaps!