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Commonly asked questions

What does WorkGaps offer?

WorkGaps offers a simple and smart way to manage flexible workers. It allows any sized organisation to manage all aspects of staff working time and location via a web portal and Android and Apple applications. With simple set up and no monthly contract, WorkGaps offers a great way for people, managers and HR to get their time back and reduce risk.

I just want to try it. How do I do that?

It’s very easy to get started. Register as a hirer on the site, invite your team members, and you're all set. If you want further guidance, please see: WorkGaps Help Alternatively, please book a demo, or get in touch via the phone numbers or contact form found on our website.

What type of organisation will benefit from WorkGaps?

Anyone that employs flexible workers. If you have staff rotas, zero hour contracts, part-time workers, seasonal temporary jobs, or simply staff who need to travel to different locations to complete their duties, WorkGaps will let you easily manage their work.

How is WorkGaps different to other tools on the market?

WorkGaps offers a complete solution for managing flexible staff. It has been built to provide a tool to simplify the working environment and free people up to focus on what’s important. No more paper timesheets, a simple method to communicate between individuals or teams and a single electronic place for work information to be stored.

Do I need any new equipment to get WorkGaps software?

WorkGaps is online software and can be accessed from any connected device, anywhere. Your managers use their existing computers, and staff who have a smart phone can use WorkGaps to check in and out anywhere they have a web or mobile network signal. There should be no need to buy any new equipment.

How much will it cost?

WorkGaps is free to any business with 30 or fewer people being assigned work. For organisations with between 31 and 300 staff, we charge £4 per worker per month. Larger than this? We are set up to scale and operate for very large organisations.

Is there a contract?

We only charge monthly and you can scale up or down as you need to. If there is no one using the platform, there are no charges, giving you complete flexibility. If you would like to discuss a longer term arrangement in return for a discount, please get in touch.

Do you offer training for my staff?

We offer training by in-house specialists to either groups of managers or workers. We can train up to 300 people per day, and we look to keep training at under £3 per person every time. That said, we don’t think you will need training - you should find WorkGaps easy to use!

How much time will I save using WorkGaps software?

One of the key benefits of our software is the time that you will have back in your day to focus your energy on what’s important to you, be that customers or your team. One customer believes we can save 2 weeks' effort every month for each of their programme administrators. We offer peace of mind as all your data is being stored securely online. Only extract the reports you need, when you need them.

How will WorkGaps help me keep my staff?

WorkGaps offers a tool that simplifies the process of working. Staff feel empowered to manage their time, as well as appreciating the ability to message colleagues easily. The software also allows staff to check in and out on their mobile phones. The hassle of arranging and approving timesheets is simplified through the automated process, and staff are easily able to see their hours and pay.

Can my staff get paid through WorkGaps?

Staff will still be paid directly by you. WorkGaps can provide the validation mechanism through smart timesheeting that will serve as a payroll and audit validation.