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Commonly asked questions

What does WorkGaps offer?

WorkGaps offers a simple and smart way to connect, arrange and communicate between organisations and people. We enable any sized organisation to manage all aspects of staff working time and location. We offer a web portal and Android and Apple apps to do this. With simple set up and no monthly contract, WorkGaps offers a great way for businesses and people to get their time back and reduce risk.

I just want to try it. How do I do that?

It’s very easy to get started. Register as a hirer on the site, invite your team members, and you're all set. If you want further guidance, please see: WorkGaps Help Alternatively, please book a demo, or get in touch via the phone numbers or contact form found on our website.

I just want to try it. How do I do that?

It’s simple to start. Register, create an organisation, use our invite people or people’s email address, and off you go. Tips and videos are in our help section and you can live chat with us in office hours (0900-1730 GMT). You can manage all your contacts and communication for free so why not give it a try?

What type of organisation will benefit from WorkGaps?

Any that wants to communicate and arrange work or activities. It’s particularly suited to those that have remote or flexible workers, seasonal staff, volunteers or if you’re running a club or society.

How is WorkGaps different to other tools on the market?

WorkGaps offers a blend of social network and task management. Everyone owns their own profile, which can be shared with any other person or organisation. It’s up to you who you connect with.

Do I need any new equipment to get WorkGaps software?

WorkGaps is online software and can be accessed from any connected device, anywhere. People just need an email address.

Is there a contract?

Payments are for businesses managing their staff. Otherwise it’s free to use. We are flexible with monthly, annual or licensing arrangements. We’ll fit around your business needs.

Do you offer training for my staff?

We offer training by our in-house client relationship managers. If you require training or support, we’ll work with you to discover your requirements. That said, we don’t think you will need training - WorkGaps is easy to use!

How much time will I save using WorkGaps software?

The short answer is ‘a lot’. One of the benefits of our software is the time that you get back to focus your energy on what’s important for you. One customer said we can save 2 weeks' effort every month for each of their programme administrators. We estimate we can cut 60-80% of your people admin time and we’ll be happy to prove it with you.

How will WorkGaps help me keep my staff?

WorkGaps offers a tool that simplifies the process of working for people. Your work in your pocket, notifications that are useful and a simple interface combined with the ability to chat means you can get on top of problems before they happen. People get the information they need when they want it. If you only work with people occasionally, you can get back in touch with them anytime because we’re just like a social network.

Can my staff get paid through WorkGaps?

Staff will still be paid directly by you. WorkGaps can provide the time tracking and audit trail that supports your payroll process.